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Older adults using it instead of losing it.

What is The Wiz Quiz?

What is The Wiz Quiz: The Wiz Quiz has been providing services since 1994. It is a group activity designed to maintain the brain fitness and social connection of older adults by posing enjoyable cognitive challenges in an atmosphere of lively sociability. It combines the animated atmosphere of team competition with the latest research on effective methods for maintaining cognitive health and emotional well-being, and as many as 50 people can participate at once.

  • Research-based techniques maximize the likelihood of achieving social and cognitive objectives, which include well-being, memory, comprehension/learning, reasoning, and attention.
  • Empirical evaluation results indicates that participants see the value of The Wiz Quiz and have fun engaging with neighbors while playing it.
  • Our training/certification service prepares your staff to host The Wiz Quiz at your facility, and licensing of our authorized questions provides them with the material necessary to conduct a stimulating activity. In the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, services can also include having a host come to your facility to conduct The Wiz Quiz.

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Subscription service for viewing videos of actual sessions of The Wiz Quiz